Terms & Conditions

Host Responsibility - House Policy - Strictly NO BYO

From 1 August 2017 the Club is required to adopt a NO BYO policy.

We wish to ensure our patrons enjoy themselves whilst encouraging responsible drinking

  • Intoxicated persons are not permitted on the premises.

  • Persons under the age of 18 years old will not be served alcoholic beverages.

  • Low alcoholic beer, non-alcoholic & hot beverages are available.

  • Light snacks and meals are available.

  • Please do not drive if you are nearing or are over the legal limit. Please let us know and we are happy to call a friend or a taxi for you. Or you can utilise the bus service back to Whangarei.

  • All of our staff are required to ask for evidence of age if you look under 25.

Bags may be checked on entry.

Offensive behaviour by guests will not be tolerated.


As the NZ Police Department may conduct breath testing checkpoints on exiting from the Racecourse, the Club asks all patrons to display a responsible attitude and use a Sober Driver.

Ticketing and general conditions of entry for Ruakaka Racecourse

  1. Tickets to the Ruakaka racecourse (Course) are issued by Whangarei Racing Club (WRC). By entering the Course or receiving a ticket for entry to the Course, you are deemed to have accepted, and understood as binding on you, these conditions and any accompanying risks, obligations and responsibilities. It is your responsibility to read and inform yourself of these conditions.

  2. If you enter the Course, there is a possibility of an accident causing injury, death or property damage or loss, and you need to be aware that such risks exist. The risks associated with entry to the Course include, but are not limited to, the risk of suffering injury, harm or loss as a result of: (a) temporary structures (such as umbrellas, marquees and gazebos), parts thereof or other debris being dislodged by wind and coming into contact with persons, vehicles or structures; (b) incidents involving the movement of horses (such as where horses jump or breach fences, railings or barriers or break free – whether being led or ridden or in their stalls – and come into contact with persons, vehicles or structures) or vehicles; or (c) harmful acts (whether intentional or inadvertent) committed by persons (such as intoxicated persons) present at the Course.

  3. Some areas of the Course: (a) are exposed to the weather, including direct sunlight and heat, hail, rain and wind. WRC does not guarantee that there will be sufficient room for you to obtain shelter from such weather; (b) have either obstructed views or no views of the racetrack. WRC does not guarantee that all areas of the Course will have clear viewing of all parts of the racetrack.

  4. Whilst at the Course, you are responsible for your own property. You must not leave your bags or possessions unattended at any time. There are no cloaking facilities at the Course. If you breach these conditions, or WRC (with reasonable cause) so directs, you may: (a) be refused entry to the Course; (b) be removed from the Course; (c) have your ticket confiscated or cancelled without refund; or (d) be reported to an appropriate law enforcement body.

  5. You must comply with any reasonable directions given by WRC. WRC or a person authorised by WRC may, at any time, inspect any vehicle, bag, basket or other receptacle or require you to turn out your pockets.

  6. If you become aware of any incidents, matters or circumstances in contravention of these conditions, or if you have any issues that you wish to bring to WRC’s attention, you may call the WRC.

  7. The schedule for an Event (whether published or otherwise) and its proposed format are only provisional and subject to change due to adverse weather conditions or other reasons. WRC reserves the right to cancel, postpone or relocate Events, change which participants are in an Event or the format of or any other element of an Event or which Events take place on a particular day or the schedule of Events for that day, or arrange a substitute Event.

    There is no guarantee of viewing any planned participant in an Event or of viewing any particular Event. Subject to clause 1 and to any right of refund or exchange under clause 8, WRC is not liable to you for any losses, costs or damage you suffer or incur as a result of any cancellation, postponement or relocation of an Event, any changes as to which participants are in an Event or in the format of or any other element of an Event or as to which Events take place on a particular day or in the schedule of Events for that day, or the arrangement of a substitute Event

  8. Your right to a refund of the cost of an admission ticket is as follows:
    (a) Where monetary consideration has not been paid for an admission ticket, no exchange, refund or other costs will be paid or payable pursuant to this clause 8. (b) If all horse racing Events scheduled for a particular day at the Course for which your admission ticket allows you access are cancelled prior to the advertised time for the opening of gates for admission to the Course where WRC is the Ticket Seller WRC will refund, to the holder of that admission ticket its full face value (excluding any Third Party Administrative Charges). (c) If all Events scheduled for a particular day at the Course and Car Park for which your admission ticket to the Course allows you access are not held on that day but some or all are postponed to a later date (the Postponed Date), not being a date already scheduled for Events, WRC will (at the holder’s election) procure that the Ticket Seller refunds, or where WRC is the Ticket Seller WRC will refund, to the holder of that admission ticket its full face value (excluding any Third Party Administrative Charges) or provide to that holder an admission ticket of the same (or a lower) face value for the Postponed Date. (d) If some Events scheduled for a particular day at the Course and/or Car Park are held but, prior to the running of the Feature Race: (i) all remaining Events for that day are cancelled for any reason, whether for safety reasons or otherwise, and (ii) as a result you are required by the WRC or other officials to promptly leave the Course and Car Park and are not entitled to return to the Course or the Car Park on that day, WRC will attempt to provide an alternative entry opportunity to attend an event at the course. (f) Refunds and exchanges are not otherwise available, including: if you experience a change in your personal circumstances or change your mind.

  9. If you are entitled to a refund under clause 8, you must return the relevant admission ticket to the Ticket Seller in order to obtain your refund. No refunds will be granted in relation to an admission ticket unless and until it has been returned to the Ticket Seller and is received by the Ticket Seller within 30 days after the date of the Event for which you are seeking such refund. If WRC is the Ticket Seller, you should contact the WRC to arrange your refund or exchange. If you believe that you have a valid request for a refund or exchange in relation to admission tickets that is not addressed by clauses above contact the WRC.

  10. You acknowledge and agree that any part of these conditions which contravenes the law of the relevant jurisdiction will not be enforceable, but that such conditions (or part or parts thereof) are severable and do not invalidate the remaining conditions.

  11. If you are requested by WRC, or a person authorised by WRC, you must produce your ticket for inspection. Tickets which are unreadable due to mutilation or damage of any kind may not be accepted. Should you fail to produce your ticket, WRC retains the right to remove you from the Course.

  12. Unless you hold a ticket allowing entry to a reserved area (such as a members’ area or corporate marquee) or occupation of a reserved seat, you must not enter or remain in a reserved area or occupy a reserved seat. If you hold a ticket for a particular reserved area or reserved seat, you must only enter the particular reserved area or sit in the particular reserved seat indicated on your ticket.

  13. While present at the Course, you must comply with: (a) all relevant laws; and (b) any published policies of WRC, including those relating to liquor, gambling, smoking and conduct.

  14. If you bring children into the Course, you are responsible for the care, conduct and supervision of those children at all times. You are responsible for any acts or omissions committed by children whom you have brought to the Course.

  15. You must not, without the express authorisation of WRC, enter the racetrack itself or stalls or any area where the movement of horses occurs or any area of the Course where persons including ticket holders are prohibited to enter (as indicated by fencing, cordons, locked doors, signage or otherwise). If you do so, you may be removed from the Course, banned from attending the Course in the future and subject to legal action.

  16. For the comfort and safety of persons at the Course, you are not permitted to bring into the Course (or have in your possession at the Course) any of the following without the consent of WRC: (a) any object that could be used to distract, hinder or interfere any animal or person taking part in an Event, or disrupt or interrupt any Event, whether intentionally or otherwise; (b) any animals (other than, if the person is blind, deaf or otherwise suffering a disability, a guide dog.

  17. WRC or persons authorised by WRC may, in their sole discretion, prevent you from entering the Course or remove you from the Course, if WRC or persons authorised by WRC reasonably believe that you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You agree that this clause 17 does not obligate WRC to undertake any monitoring or compliance methods to ensure that persons present at the Course are not intoxicated, and WRC will not be responsible for the conduct of intoxicated persons who are present at the Course, or persons who became intoxicated at the Course, nor for any damage or injury caused by such persons. This clause 17 does not seek to exclude any legal responsibilities that WRC or persons authorised by WRC may have in relation to the responsible service of alcohol at the Course.

  18. Unless authorised by WRC in writing, you must not bring into or use within the Course any photographic or video cameras or other equipment that WRC, in its absolute discretion, deems unacceptable for the purpose of clauses 19 or 20 below, which may include (without limitation) camera tripods, monopods or professional photographic or video cameras or equipment, or broadcasting equipment.

  19. Unless authorised by WRC in writing, you must not take or make any video recordings, films, still pictures, photographs or any other images within the Course nor use, publish or distribute any images, for profit, gain, public advertisement, display or any other purpose except for the private enjoyment of the person taking or making the images. On request by WRC, you must immediately assign to WRC in writing on a royalty-free basis all intellectual property in the images and irrevocably consent to WRC (and any other person authorised by WRC) doing anything which, but for the consent, would or might infringe moral rights in the images.

  20. Unless authorised by WRC in writing, you must not, while present at the Course, make, record or distribute any broadcasts, telecasts, commentary, interviews, news reports or statistics (by any means in any format or media, including any such commentary made by mobile phone or other wireless communications device) pertaining to an Event.

  21. You acknowledge that WRC and third parties authorised by WRC may make or record film, photographs or other forms of moving picture, still picture or any of them of an Event (including, without limitation, of persons attending or viewing an Event). Unless you otherwise reach an agreement with WRC, you hereby grant WRC and third parties authorised by WRC permission to use photographs, film, tape, or other images or likenesses of you, in any media (including publication within and outside New Zealand) and for any purpose (including promotional purposes) without identification or compensation or payment of any kind. You can contact WRC in order to reach such an agreement.

  22. WRC may collect personal information about you to the extent necessary for it to operate the Course and Events and to help promote the Course and Events. In particular, WRC may collect your name, address, email address and phone number to coordinate the seating and/or viewing arrangements at the Course and to conduct research, marketing and promotional activities in relation to the Course and Events.

  23. WRC may disclose the personal information held by WRC to contractors and service providers engaged by WRC to help the administration process, provide its services and conduct research, marketing and promotional activities on behalf of WRC.

  24. In order to enhance security and protect the safety of persons present at the Course, WRC (and contractors engaged by WRC) may operate surveillance equipment within the Course, including security cameras. By entering the Course, you consent to information about yourself (including images) being recorded by such surveillance equipment and to the WRC disclosing the information recorded to anyone (including (without limitation) law enforcement bodies and persons involved in relevant legal or disciplinary actions) to the extent that RJC deems such disclosure to be necessary so as to protect WRC’s lawful interests, the public interest or the safety of persons or property present at the Course.

  25. Patrons have certain rights to access their personal information held by WRC and can request access by contacting WRC.

  26. You may access these conditions (and other conditions pertaining to the Course) at http://www.ruakakaracing.co.nz  Definitions In these conditions: Event means any particular event or series of events on a day, comprising horse racing and/or other sporting or entertainment activities, conducted at the Course or a Car Park by, or under authorisation from, WRC. Car Park means the car parks and grounds controlled by or on behalf of the WRC and used for the parking of vehicles, and includes any public car parks, Reserved Car Parks and unreserved members‟ car parks. Course means Ruakaka Racecourse (or any other racecourse at which WRC holds a race meeting) but excludes the Car Parks.


Third Party Administrative Charges means: (a) any non-refundable charges levied by any Ticket Seller other than WRC; and (b) any credit card fees, relating to the purchase of your ticket and any refund in relation to your ticket. Ticket Seller means, in relation to a ticket, the seller of that ticket, except where that person is not authorised by WRC to sell that ticket. For the avoidance of doubt, where WRC has sold the ticket to you, WRC will be the Ticket Seller.

You means the individual ticket holder or purchase