Trainers’ competition across the July and August race meetings at Ruakaka.
Ruakaka Racing | June 19, 2021
Dunstan Accumalator - Ruakaka Races

In the fourteen races selected (see below) across the Ruakaka races in July and August each trainer will accumulate points based on their horse’s official finishing position in each of the qualifying races.

Points will be allocated based on 1st = 12 points; 2nd = 9 points; 3rd = 6 points; 4th = 3 points and every other runner = 1 point.

The selected races are equal to or higher than rating 74 benchmark races as per the table below.

  1. Sat July 3 - Open 1400m; R74 2100m & 1200m.
  2. Sat July 17 - Open 2100m & 1400m; R74 1400m.
  3. Sat Aug 7 - Open 2100m & 1400m; R74 1600m & 1200m.
  4. Sat Aug 21 - Group 3 1200m; Open 2200m; Open 1400m & R74 1600m.

If points are equal at the completion of the races there would be a countback based on the higher number of winners; and if still tied, by the higher number of second placed place horses; and if continues to be tied by the next placing and so on down through the field until a single winner is declared. If no winner can be separated the prize would be equally shared among the winning trainers.

There would be no specific nomination for the series and each race condition in the series would be held as per the NZTR rules and handicapping conditions, as applicable to the race independent of the series.

If a race is not held for any reason eg lack of nominations the race would be dropped from the series. If a race is run but declared a no race for any reason, all runners in the race would be allocated 2 points each.

If a race(s) is transferred to another venue the race would not be included in the series, unless the race is part of a meeting transferred from Ruakaka and run as a Whangarei Racing Club meeting at another venue.

If there is a dead-heat in any of the qualifying races, the allocated points for the two (or number of dead-heaters) finishing positions would be combined and divided evenly between the two (or more) dead heated runners.