ANNUAL MEMBERS’ MEETING – Tuesday 13 December 2016

The Annual Members’ Meeting will be held at the Northland Club, 8 Porowini Avenue, Whangarei at 4pm on Tuesday 13 December.

The minutes of previous Members’ meetings, audited financial accounts and annual report will be made available by mail as soon as the auditor’s report has been received. The minutes of last year’s AGM and the recent Special General meeting are now available electronically, on request.

The business of the Annual Members’ Meeting shall be:

(i)                 to adopt the minutes of the previous Annual Members’ Meeting of 26 November 2015 and the Special Members’ Meeting held on 22 November 2016;

 (ii)               to receive, consider and approve the annual report of the Club, including the audited annual accounts for 2015/16;

 (iii)             to receive and consider a notice of any disclosures made in accordance with Rule 14 (Conflicts of interest) since the previous Annual Members’ Meeting, including a brief summary of the types of matters to which the disclosures relate;

 (iv)             to elect the seven Elected Directors;

 The following Members have nominated for election to the Board.

                                                                i.      M Beazley

                                                             ii.      D Cairns

                                                           iii.      C Gibbs

                                                           iv.      S Heape

                                                             v.      K Houlihan

                                                           vi.      M Mathias

                                                         vii.      D Oberholster

                                                       viii.      S Scott

                                                           ix.      P Woods

 (v)               to consider and approve the total amount of Directors’ fees;

 (vi)             to appoint an auditor and to authorise the Board to fix the auditor’s remuneration;

 (vii)           to consider and, if thought fit, pass any remits (proposed in accordance with Rule 7.4(a) (Remits)) or motions for resolution; and

 (viii)         to consider such other general business as the meeting resolves to consider.

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